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At Identitype, we dedicate ourselves to integrating racial justice, equity, and inclusion within organizational practices. We emphasize Diversity Intelligence through behavioral training, using the Groundwater approach for comprehensive DEI strategies. Our Inclusive Leadership Training, underpinned by Inclusion Capital™, aims to foster equitable investment in each team member. We champion the creation of inspired workplaces where every individual's identity enhances the collective.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Explore the benefits of DEI in the workplace for a more inclusive future.

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Inclusive Leadership

Discover how inclusive leadership can transform your organization.

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The IdentiQuest app

The innovative app that helps you assess and improve your DEI initiatives.

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Executive Coaching

Learn how our Executive Coaching can elevate your leadership skills and career.

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Why It Matters

In today's interconnected world, embracing DEI and Inclusive Leadership isn't just right; it's essential for innovation and growth.

75% of diverse, inclusive teams surpass financial goals. Gender-diverse firms see 21% higher profitability.
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Two professionals, a man and a woman, are engaged in a friendly conversation while walking down the steps outside a modern office building, with text overlay stating 'SMEs vs. Large Enterprises in DEI' next to the Identitype® logo.
24 Mar

SMEs vs. Large Enterprises in DEI

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A woman in a casual white top and glasses is gesturing towards a flip chart during a presentation, with text on the right saying 'The Top 7 Traits of Inclusive Leaders' beside the Identitype® logo with a multicolored underline.
16 Mar

The Top 7 Traits of Inclusive Leaders

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Several hands come together in a high-five gesture, symbolizing teamwork and unity, with the text 'How to Structure Teams for Inclusion' above the Identitype® logo with a multicolored underline.
12 Mar

How to Structure Teams for Inclusion

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A group of diverse employees in a meeting, with a woman presenting in front of a whiteboard, discussing DEI initiatives. The text overlay reads:
20 May

10 Tips to Overcoming Resistance to DEI Initiatives

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02 May

The Power of Inclusion Nudges

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A split image showing a man in a formal suit on one side and a woman in a casual shirt on the other, with text overlay:
12 Apr

Understanding Equity vs. Equality

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Success Stories


Gerald J.
Gerald J.

Our partnership with Identitype has been vital in shaping our company’s future. Their expertise in DEI is unmatched and has helped us build a more inclusive workplace.

Madison K.
Madison K.

Identitype’s resources have been a game-changer for our leadership development programs. Their content is not only informative but truly inspiring!

Jonathan R.
Jonathan R.

Identitype’s DEI workshops transformed the way our teams interact. The increase in empathy and understanding is amazing.

Linda S.
Linda S.

The IdentiQuest tool provided us with invaluable insights into our organizational culture, leading to actionable strategies for improvement.

Carlos M.
Carlos M.

Thanks to Identitype’s consulting, we’ve seen a significant uptick in employee engagement and retention. They truly understand the nuances of inclusivity.

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