• 16 Mar
  • By-Pat

Cultivate Belonging


In this video resource, we delve into the concept of ‘Cultivate Belonging,’ an essential framework that infuses the workplace with purpose and meaning. We uncover the profound feeling of belonging that arises when individuals are acknowledged and valued by their teams and the broader organization. Through the lens of inclusive leadership, we’re invited to envision work environments that not only allow but encourage participation in decision-making, full self-expression, and proper recognition of every contribution.


0:05 To cultivate belonging is to provide a framework that gives people a sense of purpose and meaning in the workplace.

0:11 We feel we belong when we know we are seen heard and valued by our teammates and the organizations we work for.

0:20 That’s why as inclusive leaders, we create environments where people have the opportunity to participate in decision making, express themselves fully and receive acknowledgment for their contributions.

0:34 When we feel part of something bigger than ourselves, we are motivated to go further and invest more fully in problem solving and creative exploration. 0:46 We are engaged when we feel uncertain, not sure we will be well received.

0:54 We may turn our focus to seeking approval and pleasing those around us.

0:59 When this happens, we mistake fitting in for belonging, fitting in is about assessing a situation and becoming who we think we need to be to be accepted.

1:13 Belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are.

1:17 It requires us to be who we are.