• 20 Mar
  • By-Pat

Negotiating Win-wins


The video “Negotiating Win-wins” highlights the importance of independence in the workplace and its positive correlation with well-being, trust, and high performance. It underscores that when employees can make their own decisions, they are more satisfied, committed to their organization’s vision and goals, and become high achievers. Conversely, micromanagement and restricted decision-making can diminish an individual’s drive and initiative.

The video advocates for mutual respect and trust within teams as the foundation for creating a work environment where everyone can succeed.


0:04 In the workplace.

0:05 When we are able to act with independence in our jobs, we have an increased sense of well being.

0:12 We trust ourselves and those around us to make the right decisions.

0:16 As a result, we become high performers satisfied with our work environment and committed to the vision and goals of the organization we work for.

0:25 Conversely, when we are micromanaged and have limited decision making authority, we lose our drive and initiative, having respect and trust in ourselves is the first step in gaining respect and trust from others.

0:40 When our teams share mutual respect and trust, we have an environment in which everyone can be a winner by trusting others to make good choices in the workplace.

0:51 Inclusive leaders can instill a sense of purpose and motivation in their team to maximize value.