• 16 Mar
  • By-Pat

Inclusion Capital


Belonging in the workplace transcends mere presence; it is the thread that weaves together individual purpose with collective progress. Identitype’s latest video succinctly captures the delicate interplay between being oneself and being part of a greater whole.

It highlights a poignant truth: while fitting in might be about adapting to be accepted, belonging is about staying true to oneself and being valued for that authenticity.

Through a series of compelling narratives, our video encourages leaders to nurture spaces where voices are not only heard but also celebrated, where decision-making is shared, and where every contribution is acknowledged. This is where belonging becomes a catalyst for innovation, motivation, and engagement, transforming workplaces into vibrant, inclusive communities.


0:05 To cultivate belonging is to provide a framework that gives people a sense of purpose and meaning in the workplace.

0:11 We feel we belong when we know we are seen heard and valued by our teammates and the organizations we work for.

0:20 That’s why as inclusive leaders, we create environments where people have the opportunity to participate in decision making, express themselves fully and receive acknowledgment for their contributions.

0:34 When we feel part of something bigger than ourselves, we are motivated to go further and invest more fully in problem solving and creative exploration.

0:46 We are engaged when we feel uncertain, not sure we will be well received.

0:54 We may turn our focus to seeking approval and pleasing those around us.

0:59 When this happens, we mistake fitting in for belonging, fitting in is about assessing a situation and becoming who we think we need to be to be accepted.

1:13 Belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are.

1:17 It requires us to be who we are.