A diverse group of colleagues smiling and discussing something while looking at a tablet, with text overlay: "The Power of Inclusion Nudges."

The Power of Inclusion Nudges

Creating an inclusive workplace is an ongoing effort that requires intentional strategies and continuous improvement. One powerful approach to fostering inclusivity is the use of "inclusion nudges." These small, subtle…

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A woman in a casual white top and glasses is gesturing towards a flip chart during a presentation, with text on the right saying 'The Top 7 Traits of Inclusive Leaders' beside the Identitype® logo with a multicolored underline.

The Top 7 Traits of Inclusive Leaders

In today's society, the ability to lead with inclusivity is not just commendable; it’s indispensable. As organizations become increasingly diverse, the leaders who stand out are those who not only…

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Several hands come together in a high-five gesture, symbolizing teamwork and unity, with the text 'How to Structure Teams for Inclusion' above the Identitype® logo with a multicolored underline.

How to Structure Teams for Inclusion

Creating a culture of inclusion within a team isn't just a noble goal; it's a strategic imperative. Teams that are structured with inclusion at their core are more innovative, agile,…

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