• 20 Mar
  • By-Pat

Why DEI?


The video asserts the importance of DEI in the workplace, emphasizing the value of each individual being welcomed, seen, heard, and empowered to bring their full identity to their role. It champions authenticity and collaboration, framing these principles as key to building an inclusive, equitable, and just work environment. The “inclusion capital” concept is presented as a way for leaders to appreciate and leverage the unique mix of identities and experiences within their teams. The method promotes embracing differences as a means to provide empowerment, purpose, and autonomy—qualities that are increasingly demanded in the modern workplace.


0:05 You are welcome here.

0:09 You are seen, you are heard, you are encouraged to bring your fullest identity forward.

0:18 You are empowered to act with full authenticity from your difference.

0:25 You are asked to collaborate in unprecedented ways.

0:31 This is the invitation of inclusion capital.

0:36 This is the way leaders will lock arms with diversity and walk forward to an inclusive equitable and just workplace inclusion capital recognizes whole persons as unique expressions of a mingling of different identities and experiences.

0:58 That is why the inclusion capital method promotes difference.

1:04 Leaders who appreciate difference and know how to embrace it are able to give today’s workforce what it wants the path to empowerment, purpose and autonomy.

1:20 That’s the quality of work experience, people demand from their employers.