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It IS possible to actually inspire your market, to have it resonate with your brand.  Your branding just needs to be driven by something deeper… more meaningful… even spiritual (however you define it)… so that it calls your market home to what you’re offering.

  • Are you constantly struggling to increase or just sustain growth?
  • Are you regularly worrying about certain competitors?
  • And are you, like many others, wondering how YOU can build a brand the likes of Apple, Nike, or BMW?


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Where Meaning Meets Profit

Most leaders, when faced with the choice between increasing profits or pursuing something they’re deeply connected to, will choose the money. And that’s fine.

The good news is you DON’T have to sacrifice meaning for short term profits. In fact, in our experience it is the only way to build a brand that truly connects with people. And when you do that, the profits will inevitably follow.

So in essence, the Identitype System helps you translate your beliefs, passions, strengths and values into leading a brand that attracts and keeps the best, most relevant customers and clients.

Best Branding System Strategies

The Identitype System

for Corporate and Career Branding

It’s a completely original, science-based, practical methodology that’s been developed over a period of many years.

The Identitype System synthesizes over 40 years of research across various fields including art, semiotics, psychology, mythology, neuroscience, learning modeling, gamification, branding, and marketing.

At the core of the system are 12 Identitypes, a set of traits and tendencies that are recognizable in everything from pop culture and childhood stories, to the simplest choices we make on a daily basis.

Each Identitype focuses on facets of your personal and professional journey that directly impact your brand and your business… whether you realize it or not.

By recognizing and embracing your Identitypes, you’ll be positioned to consciously and effectively focus the energy, words, and actions that create your branding. This better aligns you with your optimal, deeply-rooted purpose so that you take full control over destiny and shape it into your best reality.

A Note From the Visionary…

“Hey, I’m Leili McKinley! My team and I created the Identitype System because I wanted to dispel one of the most common myths in our society today:

‘I need to pay the bills, so it’s ok for me to do something that feels totally disconnected from my highest self.’

Instead, with our system, I’ve found the opposite is true: it IS possible to align spiritual fulfillment, leadership; and abundance. All you need is to discover the best path for your unique Identitype.”

I would like to introduce Julie C Woods, The Imaginal Engineer. In Julie, I found the perfect team member who recognized the power of the system and knew how to harness it into a system that could deliver the results you need.

What Others Are Saying


Luke Farrer

Founder of Mad Spelunker

“My business has grown 5% to 10%, week over week, for the last 4 weeks since I finished the 7-Step Journey using The Identitype System. The results are fast. It’s worth investing in because it continues to pay off.

Dr. Jerry Dalcanton, DC

Owner, Kids First Chiropractic

The Identitype System


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  • 344-point Identitype Assessment
  • Your unique Identitype Chart
  • Actionable branding insights specific to your Identitypes


How does it work?

When you purchase the Identitype System, you’ll receive a chart with your Assessment answers in a chart along with an ebook (in PDF format) that’s a detailed guide for interpreting your results.

Who is this for?

The Identitype System can help your company or your career if:

  • you’re struggling to get customers for your business
  • you’re looking to start a new venture
  • you want to take your established business or career to the next level

This proven system guides you in creating an empowered brand that resonates with your market.

What if I don't like it?

If you’re not 100% happy with the system, just send us an email and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked.