I think there’s a Chinese proverb that says “may you live in interesting times.” Well here’s my response…“Then at least being me will never be boring”. Lol.

It all started when I graduated from Parson’s School of Design. I had graduated with the highest honors and received an award from the Colbert Foundation to work in the fashion and textile industry in France.

After a few years, however, I felt that my dreams and aspirations were very different from that of my peers. I was also disgusted by the lack of integrity in the fashion industry.

I decided that I could do better on my own. So, I started my own firm – and a lot of things went really well for me.

I was honored by the small business administration and featured in an industry magazine. I won several design awards and my designs were internationally licensed. Some of my customers were on the Fortune 500 list and I had several celebrity clients. To the outsider, I was a huge success.

But, a lot of things didn’t go so well and I hit many walls.

I dreamed of going public with my company but I failed. Instead of fulfilling my dream I was waking up during the night from nightmares.

Sometimes my cash flow was so tight that I could only eat once a day.

But, I kept believing that each of these experiences were teaching me something I needed to learn – that spirit, or the universe, had a plan for me.

So I kept going until at one point – when my business was on top – I sold it all and started fresh with a new business.

I honestly believed my new business was the answer I needed because I was determined not to repeat my previous mistakes.

It wasn’t. It was just a different set of lessons.

I had a new business partner and the backing of a venture capital firm and, at first, things were going well. My new business was yielding early profits and showed a lot of promise.

But, I failed to tell the right story to the right market.

This made it difficult for my market to connect with me and my business because they didn’t understand what my business was all about or why it was important to them.

And then, I was pressured to change my original idea and that’s when things really fell apart.
My business didn’t feel like it was my creation anymore. I got really depressed. I felt disconnected from it.

It was time to do some soul searching – find my higher calling and bigger purpose.
I considered my talents and creativity and leaned on my faith of self-awareness. I had 20 years of business strategy and marketing knowledge, and a passion for psychology, semiotics and eastern philosophy.

As I thought about each of these things a new branding methodology began to emerge in my mind – and I gained insight on how our spiritual selves and our work align together.

I did a deep dive into this train of thought to develop this concept better, and added in the elements of gamification and cutting edge product psychology.

The results were surprising!

People really felt like I could see right into them. Like I could laser focus on what was getting in their way and help them transform it.

Now I had a concept I could create a business around – a business that would be very meaningful to me on a deep, soulful level.

But the best part was that I could use this concept to help other people do the very same thing.

Other people would be able to create businesses that resonated deep within them and brought meaning to their lives.

They would be able to connect with their market in a heartfelt way which would enable them to be the leaders they were born to be, help others, and have the income they want to take care of those they love.

And that’s how The Identitype System was born.

Today I am doing the most rewarding, fascinating, spiritually aligned work of my life. In a sense, I give people back to themselves.

I build value by facilitating the transformation of your story combined with the gifts that make you special – so you can springboard up into the leadership role that puts you in front.